Industrial Equipment

Split Frame LatheDynamic Precision Products, working in conjunction with Dynamic Cutters Inc. ( to manufacture Split Frame Lathes and attachments.

These machines are designed with a versatility that far exceed pipe severing and beveling. Employing systems that provide the capability of setting up on eccentric reducers, elbows and obscure shaped castings along with many other awkward applications. Every component is precisely manufactured on CNC machinery, with very stringent quality control guidelines to strict tolerances.

Components are interchangeable regardless of machine size and our versatility is second to none.

Our machines and components are all precision machined using CNC mills and lathes with superior quality and repeatability.

All components and machines are manufactured and assembled 100% in the United States.

Our full CNC milling and lathe capability along with design and engineering allow us to fulfill custom needs seamlessly and quickly from design-to-part.

Versatility, affordability, quality with exceptional customer service is our objective.

From design to finished product, Dynamic Cutters Inc. along with Dynamic Precision Products Inc. is able to produce machines which will perform to the exacting standards required by our customers.

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